Beat the crowded gym.

Increase your membership cap.

Make your customers happier.

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  • GymFlow Business Insider Press Article

Meet the app that tells you how busy the gym is before you go.

Avoid peak hours & days at the gym

Gym traffic changes as much as 25% in a period of 15 minutes and varies from day to day. Use realtime gym traffic to plan your workout more efficiently.

Based on card swipes, not social check-ins!

We work with your local gym to get access to the card swipe system so we know exactly how many people are in the gym. We never collect any personally identifiable information.

Gym traffic predictions

Our app tells you how crowded the gym will be in 1 hour, tomorrow, or even next week. Based on historical data and our proprietary prediction algorithm.

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For Gym Owners & Managers

Make your customers happier and reduce cancellations

Dissatisfied customers account for about 25% of all membership cancellations. Make your customers happy and reduce churn.

Increase your membership capacity

GymFlow smooths out gym traffic while maintaining current usage levels. By reducing peak traffic and spreading it to off-peak hours, you can effectively sign on more members.

Business insights, anywhere

Our dashboard gives you statistics for gym usage as well as retention tools to keep your members engaged.

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