Wouldn't it be cool if you knew how busy the gym was before you went?

Realtime gym traffic. Laser accuracy.

GymFlow is a free mobile app that shows you how crowded the gym is in realtime before you go. It's based on membership card swipes (not social check ins!) so you know it's accurate. Gym traffic is different every hour, every day, and even every week. GymFlow is the first and only real-time traffic flow solution for gyms.

Look into the future.

Our app also predicts future traffic so you can plan an efficient workout for tonight, tomorrow, or even next week! How does it work? We gather historical data and use fancy algorithms to give you a forecast of gym traffic. We never collect personal information and always take your privacy seriously.

How It Works

You Swipe

You swipe just as you normally do to enter your gym. We never see your personal data.

We Count

We keep tally of how many people swipe in and use fancy prediction technology to forecast future traffic. Cool, huh?

You GymFlow

You find the best times to workout. Ta-da!